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"Fall / Winter Patterns"

Author: Robert McFarlane

As it starts getting colder a lot of folks put their rods down and pick up their guns to start chasing that trophy deer, but this time of year could mean some great fishing.

As the water starts cooling down, I like to start looking for fish in the backs of creeks and flats.  Bass will follow the bait fish and begin feeding up for winter. A spinnerbait is a good choice this time of year. You should always try different retrieves, such as slow, fast, or a kill type retrieve and what I like to do is what I call a jerk retrieve. Crank the handle four or five times then jerk the rod tip which makes the spinnerbait jump and the blades hit together. You can keep moving and cover a lot of water. When you find the fish if there is any type of structure around that's when I will slow down and pick up my worm or jig and work those trees and bushes, Usually when working these two baits a lot of people let the bait sit or move it slow. I like to jump the bait a foot or so off the bottom because sometimes the fish will be suspended. Also look at those creek channel edges for bass holding and waiting to move shallow.

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