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FishAssist is ALIVE

Well fishing fans, we flipped a coin and it was tails so the first blog post is all mine.  I am confident anyone who has ever planned a trip with friends, wanted to take their kids fishing or simply wanted to get away would agree the internet is full of useful information.  Within minutes you also realize it's a never ending stream of dudu.  Run a search for bass fishing lakes and you are flooded with vacation rentals.  Search for fishing guides and "bam" you are on sites completely unrelated to fishing or worse.  Well that ends today, FISHASSIST is ALIVE.

We designed FishAssist to be a fun site (give the wheel a spin) that provides very useful information. We researched top lakes, rivers and reservoirs throughout the US and wrote detailed and UNIQUE reviews.  If you've ever searched the many fishing information sites you will recognize that the lake descriptions are eerily similar and boring.  NOT HERE.  We commit to providing new and interesting information on our favorite topic - Fishing.  Many more lakes will be reviewed and we will soon include salt water destinations.  

We encourage you to participate and send in your blog posts.  Any time we get an interesting post it will go live for the masses to enjoy.  Talk about a favorite lake, a successful fishing strategy or tell us how much fun you had using FishAssist.  Follow the links to submit your posts and let the fun begin.


Bob Przyby


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