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Pitching and Flipping Time

Flipping BassEvery year as the high sunny days near, and the high pressure days become the norm on Guntersville we turn to flipping grass and docks and lay downs along some deep edges. There are some tips I can give you that will work anywhere whether you’re flipping docks or pitching the grass on Guntersville, the basics are all the same. 

Flippin AreasOne thing regardless of where your fishing there is shade somewhere either around the docks or trees or wood on the edges; don’t miss the shady areas this is where the fish are and where they sit to ambush bait on the high pressure sunny days. Look for the areas of slow change where darkness is near these areas of change, they hold fish, they may be in the dark area or just next to it as the position of the sun is everything in this situation. If your facing the sun the darkness may be farther out from the cover than if it’s behind you; shade is everything fish it thoroughly and pick it apart from light to darkness. 

Don’t be a chicken, pitch the hardest most difficult areas to get too, if you’re afraid to get hung up in cover or have to try to avoid difficult spots for one reason or another; learn to overcome your fears. Work your bait into the tightest spots, the most trying cover and you will be fishing where the fish are. Most often where you don’t expect that hit is where it comes from, so pitch bravely and boldly until you gain confidence and you will be better off for it. 

Lastly in the bright sun the bass are most often on the bottom, let that bait drop to the fish as they can’t eat if you pull it out of the drop zone. In my experience the initial pitch to the deepest cover or to the farthest spot under the dock is where the fish are; if you let it drop then that first spot is many times the best. Also, let it drop on a slack line; if you try to drop it on a tight line you are pulling the bait away from the very location you’re trying to get too. A slack line allows the bait to drop down vertically and hit your spot as it should; be aggressive get to the tight spots, find the shade and you will become a seasoned fisherman flipping and pitching with the best.

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