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The Best Buzz Bait Time of Year

Buzz Bait BassNow that we are approaching some warm weather and the water is clearly moving into some solid mid 50 degree temperatures; I suggest that tying on buzz bait can be a very productive presentation. I know most fishermen believe that the top water bite is always best in the fall I can tell you from experience that when bass move to the flats for the spawn that nothing is more tantalizing to a bass on the bed than buzz bait. 

That noisy rattling bait going over a bedding fish in shallow water is hard for them to ignore and you can catch some of the biggest bass of the year when the spawn occurs. I believe some solid 58 degree water is the best timing along with just a little weed like the Asian Prim-Rose weed that grows on most of our lakes in the shallows. The biggest difference in this type of top water fishing during this time of year is the pure fact that this can be an all day presentation. I also believe that when you combine these elements with a low light or cloudy rainy type day during this period you can load the boat with good solid fish. Bass on BedIf you’re top water enthusiasts then this can be some of the best top water fishing you might have all year long. Couple this buzz bait presentation with the right buzz bait you just might knock your arm and shoulder out of place pulling in quality bass during a time of year that most just don’t see this as a viable presentation. A color and buzz bait that was developed with this in mind was developed by Joe Haubenreich of Secret Weapon Lures; he put together a bright red skirt buzz bait with gold blade that is noisy and seems to be just the right color and size to fish during the spawn. There is no telling how many bass I have caught in my boat this time of year on the Secret Weapon buzz bait colored to these specs. You just won’t believe it until you experience it!

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