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The Challenges of Fall Fishing


Fall FishingIt’s a well known fact that the fall can present some challenges that we don’t have other times of the year. One of the most prevalent challenges is the pure fact in the fall there is always gobs of bait fish everywhere and getting the bass to pay attention to artificial baits is huge when there is so much natural food for them to feed on. The key is really evaluating your presentation if you’re not getting bit. 

It is also well documented that at no time during the year do the bass respond so drastically to weather fronts as they do in the fall. High pressure bright sunny days are just killers for the bass fisherman until the water temperature drops into the high 50’s maybe low 60’s. That high pressure east wind day seems to just shut the bass off and gives most fisherman fits. One thing to remember about high pressure is the deeper fish are not as respondent to the front as shallow fish, so if you can locate some deep fish your chances of an improved day is huge. I like that partly sunny days as the clouds move in and out I believe the sun helps the bite turn on as the day progresses. 

Lastly dead still days with no current or wind are as puzzling as any of the tough day on the water; with no variables to bunch the bait up or create oxygen in the fall seem to cement the bass in their tracks as you never see much movement at all when this occurs. Combine a dead still day with a high pressure and you have to work hard for that next bite, it probably as frustrating a day as you can have this time of year. Look for boat traffic, as the boat movement is a critical piece of the puzzle to create bites as you can get, because it creates water movement as they run boat lanes and high traffic areas. Work out off the deeper points with flashy baits like rattle baits or jigging spoons as flash is somewhat of a trump card on still days. 

Fall challenges are many but consistent countering methods can overcome most of it!

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