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The Fall Rattle Trap Bite

Mike Gerry-OctWe all associate the rattle trap with spring time fishing, it’s an aggressive fish catching machine and there has been no better time to make it your number one bait than in the spring; I contend the fall can be just as much fun. As we continue to see the bass move farther into the pockets and start their fall feeding a rattle trap can once again be your bait of choice you just have to pick your spots off the grass to fish it! 

Long points that drop into deep water lose their grass quickly as the water cools and fishing that trap off transition points dropping from 5 ft. to 10 ft. of water and more can be very productive. It’s the kind of bait that bass chase all year round, but there are some differences in how you fish it in the fall vs. the spring and a lot of that has to do with adjusting to the fall grassy points at least in a shallow lake like Guntersville. 

First of all I down size in the fall, instead of working that 1/2 oz. or bigger trap I go to a smaller . oz. so it can be easily worked over the top of the grass. The smaller size also allows you to move it slower and have it just tick the top of the grass giving the bait some deflection while reeling it. You can also fish it in a more stop and go pattern as the smaller size does not have as big of hooks and drops slower in that type of retrieve giving you time for the bait to just slightly hang on the grass aiding the presentation. I know to a lot of fisherman hanging a trap in the grass gets aggravating but if you use the rod tip to help you snap it out of the grass when it hangs it will catch you more fish. The smaller . oz. trap pops out very easily and becomes deadly fall bait with just a little bit of patience and will and you will see it produce very well around grassy areas in the fall of the year. 

Many times the fall is the most aggressive time of year for bass and fishing rattle baits in the fall will increase your catches big time. Don’t be fooled by the grass and let its ability to hang your bait up turn you off, rattle baits can be very productive and the fall is a great time to prove it. 

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