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The Hair Jig is Making a Come Back

Bass on Hair JigThose of you that have been around the fishing world as long as I have started your jig fishing with a traditional hair jig; it was to say the least the “Cat’s Meow.” Not only was the best of the hair jigs great bait, but if it was made of bear hair it was even better. The bear hair seemed to compact quickly when wet into a slick quick dropping effective profile that resembled the crawfish like no other bait you could fish. 

As time progressed the bait manufacturers in their quest to keep the jig cost down developed the rubber profile and the results were staggering, not only did the rubber skirt become the norm but the move from a traditional Pork-Rhine as a trailer moved to a rubber/plastic trailer and was cheaper and effective. If you used the pork trailer as much as I did you noticed that the solution that the trailer was stored in if spilled in your boat ate the clue from the carpet of your boat and carpet loosened as a result. 

Today as many of our baits have changed over time the most effective jig is one that has a big hook, a large pulsating rubber skirt and adding a trailer now as many different options that are effective. As all things in bass fishing change today’s jig has taken some hits on effectiveness for many and as we all struggle to find effective baits many anglers on the professional tour have started going back to the hair jig as a change of pace. It is a change of look as it drops to the bottom quickly, and its effectiveness is once again gaining ground. The change is that today we have so many options for the trailer that you can change its look very easily by changing trailers. 

The effectiveness of the hair jig as a new look is making a change once again to the bass fishing industry and this one has turned a full circle and is back as a bait of choice for many in the bass fishing world.

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