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The Void Under the Thick Grass

Grass FishingAs we approach the heaviest and thickest grass mats of the year in August and September; there are areas of the grass that you should target. The one thing you can count on is not all the grass areas are created equal in fact only about 10% of the grass holds 90% of the fish so finding that productive areas is very important. 

The one thing I look for when targeting the heavy grass is, where the grass appears to be laying over the top and spreading over the surface, when this occurs it tells you that there is a void under the thick matted area. That void is generally one key to finding the bigger bass as the bait and bass lay in that void as they hide from the sun and find the cooler water and dissolved oxygen. You can also see the void if you fish the edges of the grass areas and wear a good pair of Duckett sun glasses, as the grass edge is visually recognizable and the void on the bottom is generally obvious through the glasses. If you were technically equipped properly you could drop an underwater camera down and visually see the void as it will have about a two foot separation from the bottom of the grass to the bottom of the lake. It can also be an area that you can test the water temperature by dropping a thermometer down to the void and many times you will see a temperature drop of almost 10 degrees in the void from the surface temperature. This is a sure indication that the bass are staging in the void. Bass in Grass

Those of you who have studied and understand the difference between the hydrilla and milfoil know that the milfoil grass does not grow over the top only the hydrilla does and the areas of the lake that still hold a strong mixture of both in this heat are thick in concentration all the way to the bottom. Hence the hydrilla areas hold the bass in this heat because the hydrilla lays over spreads out and creates the void on the bottom and the mixture of the two does not. 

Find the void on the bottom, and you find the summer time hogs and then all you need to do is get them to bite!

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