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What Has Not Changed in the Fishing World?

AssortwormsOne thing that has been constant in the world of fishing is change, for the past 10 to 15 years you can bet something new, better more advanced will be added to the tools we as fisherman can use. The constant in all this is the soft plastic worm, this bait has been around forever and produced equally as well year in and year out.

Soft plastic world has added companies, presentations colors and more but fishing with a soft plastic worm has stuck with the fishing world thru thick and thin. The reason is pretty simple you catch fish; bass cannot resist a soft plastic worm and it has been catching fish for me since I was a kid walking streams in waders as a young fisherman.

The great thing about plastic worm fishing is the presentations we have been fishing with for many years has basically not changed since the days of the sinko and wacky rig evolved in the 90s. There has been three basic ways we have fished soft plastics that being Texas rig, Carolina rigged and weightless sinko wacky rigged or not. The evolution of this soft plastic presentation has remained the same and has allowed us to address all different depths and drop speeds thru the evolution of the different presentations and even made the worm a more versatile bait than ever before. The fact is no bait has put more fish in my boat and I would bet most folks boats than fishing with a worm, and the good news is this will continue for many more years to come.

The key is to be consistent with presentations and change speed until you get your first bite and then continue doing the same thing until the bass stop biting or you have ended that day of fishing. One of the things that make bass fishing fun is the hook set, seems like nothing is more fun than setting the hook and holding on when you do. I believe the hook set is part of the attraction for many fisherman and is part of the reason the worm has survived the long term love affair with bass fisherman. 

Mike Gerry:


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