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Winter Baits I Believe In

There is without a doubt a different mindset that you take with you into winter fishing, the aggressive days of the fall are over and thinking and acting with patience is very important. The change though doesn’t necessarily eliminate power fishing like a big Zara Spook or a swim bait it just requires you to put more intelligence into your winter presentation. 

Punisher SpinnerbaitI find myself fishing consistently with some old fashion winter baits that require me to be mind full of my presentation. First and foremost I have been slow rolling a big 1 oz. Punisher Spinner Bait over deep grass for many years; it is a great bait to work deep in the winter as it kicks up the bottom as it moves slowly and is very enticing in 25 plus feet of water. It is also bait that bounces off most deep structure rather than getting hung as many deep types of bait do. 

I also seem to migrate to fishing a SPRO jerk bait the ability to get great movement then be patient with your pause is a super fish catcher in cold water. The key to me is working the jerk bait as there are many ways to work it and tip action is everything. It is a slow moving patient bait and it will draw fish out of 20 plus feet of water even though it only runs to depths of this than 10 ft. Years ago there was a jerk bait made you could count down as it dropped slowly to bottom depths; I would love to find some of these again. SPRO jerk bait


jig & d bomb baitLastly winter time to me means bottom fishing and no bait works the bottom better than a Tight-Line jig football head jig with a Missile bait D-Bomb crawler. This life like bottom crawler represents crawfish and can be literally dragged on the bottom and get great results in deep water. Whatever your presentation winter requires thought, slow movement and patience to be successful. 


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