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Winter Presentations

Author: Captain Mike Gerry 

As we progress into the winter months there are a couple of factors that determine what presentation I use in the cold mid of winter. I look for a couple of keys as I progress through winter; very simple to remember is the water clear, or is it high as compared to normal levels. The reason I determine this is very simple, if the water is high it is generally stained and the winter bass react to the high stained water by moving shallow to feed; if the water is normal level it is generally clear and the bass react differently.

Determining this allows me to fish a couple of presentations that I enjoy fishing, it generally catches fish and the results are very consistent. If the water is high and muddy regardless of water temperature I push myself to the coves and main points and fish rattle bait like the SPRO Aruka Shad in bright colors like gold or purple rain. I have generally found that the fish push up into the muddy shallows regardless of water temperature in the mid of winter during this high water rainy time of year. The rattle bite is on then and the results can be staggering. If we are experiencing clear water, with normal water levels then I turn immediately to my Tight-Line football jig working it off the edges of the 15 to 25 ft. drops on the river channel or the deep water points. The clear water during the winter is generally very clear and it pushes the bass deeper to hide from the sun and off the point’s drops and turns on the contour breaks on the bottom.

Presentation is now the key to putting fish in the boat; both presentations require some thought to get the bites I am looking for in the winter. If you’re working the SPRO Aruka Shad there is several different presentations you can use and you must present it in different ways until you find the bite. The Tight-Line football jig to me in winter fishing is all about keeping the jig on the bottom. I look for deep grass, or structure like stumps or old bridges and road beds and then tag that bait on the bottom and drag it, using my electronics to find the bite. Winter fishing is all about presentation, this is just a couple I like to use. 

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