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FishAssist Exclusive Interview with Mariko Izumi

Mariko Izumi
        FishAssist had an opportunity to sit down with the    "Awesome"    Mariko Izumi           Mariko is the host, or .... read more

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What Has Not Changed in the Fishing World?

One thing that has been constant in the world of fishing is change, for the past 10 to 15 years you can bet something new, better more advanced will be added to the tools we as fisherman can use.... read more

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Drop Shot Myths

  When people hear the phrase drop shot, many things come to mind.  Some of the things that would spring up in your mind would probably be: fishing slow, light line, spinning rods, and toug.... read more

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Winter Presentations

Author: Captain Mike Gerry  As we progress into the winter months there are a couple of factors that determine what presentation I use in the cold mid of winter. I look for a couple of key.... read more

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