July 2015>

The Hair Jig is Making a Come Back

Bass on Hair Jig
Those of you that have been around the fishing world as long as I have started your jig fishing with a traditional hair jig; it was to say the least the “Cat’s Meow.” Not only was the best of the hair.... read more

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Location, Location, Location

Capt Mike July Bass
As we are quickly progressing into the summer time fishing a few things change the fisherman’s thought process; the first and most important is location. “Fish where the fish are.” You just cannot be .... read more

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Coke: Tasty beverage and fish-saving elixir

How (and why) you can use bubbly soda to save a fish's life People have been using Coca Cola for years, for just about everything you can imagine, including removing the rust from tools, removing stu.... read more

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