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Lake Sinclair

Species: Crappie, LM Bass, Stripe Bass

With amazing views and equally impressive opportunities for freshwater fishing, Lake Sinclair is one of Georgia’s best destinations for anglers.  Lake Sinclair is located near Milledgeville in central Georgia.  Lake Sinclair has existed since 1953 when it was impounded on the Oconee River.  Fishermen...

Okhissa Lake

Species: Crappie, LM Bass

Located in a calm and relaxing area of Southwest Mississippi, Okhissa Lake offers some of the best opportunities for freshwater fishing in the entire state.  Okhissa is a reservoir in Homochitto National Forest with a fish habitat that was engineered specifically for the purpose of high quality fishing. ...

Braidwood Lake

Species: Crappie, LM Bass, SM Bass, Musky/Pike, Walleye

Braidwood Lake, Illinois Located in north central Illinois, Braidwood Lake is one of the best locations for fishermen in search of an exciting adventure.  Braidwood Lake is a cooling reservoir for a local nuclear power station and is located approximately one mile south of the town bearing the same...

Stick Marsh Lake / Farm 13

Species: Crappie, LM Bass, SM Bass

Stick Marsh Lake, Florida Located in the healthy and diverse environment of Florida, Stick Marsh Lake, including Farm 13, is one of the best locations for individuals in search of high quality freshwater fishing. Stick Marsh Lake is located to the west of Vero Beach near the town of Fellsmere.  Stick...

Falcon Lake

Species: Crappie, LM Bass, Stripe Bass

Located in southern Texas, Falcon Lake is one of the Southwest’s premier fishing location.  This body of water can be found on the Rio Grande River along the border of Texas and Mexico.  It is most known for its diverse and abundant communities of game fish that are frequently targeted by fishermen of...

Fayette County Reservoir

Species: Crappie, LM Bass, Stripe Bass

Located in the heart of Texas near the city of LaGrange, Fayette County Reservoir is one of the premier bodies of freshwater for fishing in the South West. This lake is home to various species of fish that are popular across the entire southern and southwestern regions of the United States. Fayette County...

Lake Gaston

Species: Crappie, LM Bass, Stripe Bass, Walleye

Lake Gaston, North Carolina Located in a calm and quiet area of the southern United States, Lake Gaston is a premier freshwater fishing spot.  This body of water straddles the North Carolina and Virginia border and is conveniently located near interstate-95.  On the North Carolina side, Lake Gaston...

Lake Konawa

Species: Crappie, LM Bass, SM Bass, Stripe Bass

Lake Konawa, Oklahoma Located in an area of Oklahoma known for an adventurous attitude, Lake Konawa is an excellent place for fishermen with a taste for excitement and is located in south central Oklahoma in Arbuckle County.  It is a reservoir that was formed in 1968.  Lake Konawa is known as a hotspot...

Lake Seminole

Species: Crappie, LM Bass, Stripe Bass

Located on the Florida/Georgia boarder, Lake Seminole is a very notable area for freshwater fishing.  This artificial lake is fed by the Chattahoochee and Flint Rivers and flows out towards the Apalachicola River.  Anglers of many different skill levels and interests will find that this lake is the perfect...

DeGray Lake

Species: Crappie, LM Bass, Stripe Bass, Walleye

Located in one of the most picturesque areas of Arkansas, DeGray Lake is home to a large array of fishing opportunities that draws in anglers from across the entire country. DeGray Lake is located in close proximity to the city of Arkadelphia. This body of water is a reservoir formed by a dam off of...

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