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Located in the heart of beautiful Tennessee, Chickamauga Lake is a perfect location for fishermen of all skill levels. Chickamauga Lake is a reservoir along the Tennessee River that is formed by the Chickamauga Dam. This lake is the ideal location for fishermen of different talents and preferences due to a selection of freshwater game fish. There are many facilities and accommodations for visitors which makes trips to the lake comfortable and convenient.

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Crappie, LM Bass, SM Bass, Stripe Bass


Many anglers believe that Chickamauga Lake is the best body of water for freshwater fishing in the entire state of Tennessee. This is because all of the popular fish of the eastern states can be found in this single reservoir. This includes largemouth bass, spotted bass, smallmouth bass, white bass, striped bass, channel catfish, sauger, white crappie, and bluegill.

Among these species of fish, Chickamauga Lake is most known for its large populations of largemouth bass & spotted bass. These species are so prevalent that there are several largemouth bass tournaments held at Chickamauga Lake annually. Largemouth bass are most frequently caught during the late Spring, Summer, and early Fall. These fish commonly reside in the beds of hydrilla that can be found in the shallow portions of Lake Chickamauga. Search for Largemouth and spotted bass near Savannah Bay, Skull Island and any deep ledges or bottom structure.

Another Chickamauga favorite is the channel catfish. This species is often captured in the deepest portions of the lake. Since the catfish is a bottom feeder, a bottom rig set-up is the wisest selection. Channel catfish is caught most often during all seasons except Winter. Target the deeper waters near the dam for large cats.

Crappie are another favorite at Chickamauga.  Crappie can be found throughout the lake.  Search the deeper weed edges and drop-offs.  Good areas include Pecan Point and near Possum Creek.


Lake Chickamauga is has many accommodations that will make a visit convenient. The Harrison Bay State Park Marina is primary location for the mooring of large vessels. This marina also has marine fueling stations. For small craft, there are several piers and boat landings that allow for easy entrance into the lake from a trailer. Along with the numerous boat access piers, there are several piers that are dedicated solely to fishing. Tackle shops are available for those in need of tackle, gear, or bait. Lake Chickamauga also has facilities with running water and restrooms.

The Lake

Lake Chickamauga is served by the freshwater of the Tennessee River. With an area of 34,500 acres, there is a surplus of space for boat traffic and fishermen. This also serves as an excellent habitat for populations of large and small species of fish. This allows for a healthy habitat that allows for populations to become numerous and plentiful. At its maximum depth, Lake Chickamauga is 72 feet. This allows for the navigation of large vessels, as well as excellent fishing with heavy tackle. Chickamauga is 72 feet in length and has over 810 miles of shoreline. The size of the lake is ideal for those that enjoy a peaceful day of fishing on the water, as it is large enough for each angler to select their own place on the shore or the water. This ensures a preferable fishing experience for anyone who visits.

Chickamauga Lake provides a wonderful fishing experience for anglers of all styles and preferences.

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