Fishing Locations


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Lake Catherine

Species: Crappie, LM Bass, Musky/Pike, Walleye

Located in Illinois’ Lake County, Lake Catherine is a hotspot for anglers in search of popular freshwater game targets.  This body of water supports a dense community of game species that provide a large number of opportunities to Illinois fishermen.

Bass Lake

Species: Crappie, LM Bass, Walleye

Located in Starke County, Bass Lake is a excellent fishing location in Indiana.  As the third largest natural lake in Indiana, Bass Lake is known for its fishing opportunities by both locals and out-of-state anglers. Bass Lake has a healthy community of game fish that can provide hours of fun.

Lac Courte Oreilles

Species: Crappie, LM Bass, SM Bass, Musky/Pike, Walleye

Located in an area of of northwest Wisconsin that is known for its scenic nature areas, Lac Courte Oreilles is a beautiful body of water that is home to a diverse community of fish.  Each year, many fishermen travel to Lac Courte Oreilles in order to take advantage of some great opportunities for freshwater...

Butternut Lake (Ashland County)

Species: Crappie, LM Bass, SM Bass, Musky/Pike, Walleye

Located in the beautiful rural region of northern Wisconsin, Butternut is the perfect destination for a successful day of fishing and boating.  Butternut Lake is a natural body of water that is situated within the county of Ashland. Butternut is located on U.S. Highway 13 approximately 55 miles south...

Lake Sinclair

Species: Crappie, LM Bass, Stripe Bass

With amazing views and equally impressive opportunities for freshwater fishing, Lake Sinclair is one of Georgia’s best destinations for anglers.  Lake Sinclair is located near Milledgeville in central Georgia.  Lake Sinclair has existed since 1953 when it was impounded on the Oconee River.  Fishermen...

Bee Lake

Species: Crappie, LM Bass

Located in an area of central Mississippi known for its opportunities for outdoor sports, Bee Lake is an excellent place to target some of the most popular freshwater species.  Bee Lake is an oxbow of the Yazoo River and is filled with stumps, weed beds, and other shelters that make it the ideal location...

Gull Lake

Species: Crappie, LM Bass, Musky/Pike, Walleye

Although most of the shoreline is well developed with residential and commercial buildings, Gull Lake is a beautiful body of water with stunning natural scenery.  Gull Lake is a natural body of water that is located in the Cass and Crow Wing counties of Minnesota.  Its primary inflow of water is the...

Okhissa Lake

Species: Crappie, LM Bass

Located in a calm and relaxing area of Southwest Mississippi, Okhissa Lake offers some of the best opportunities for freshwater fishing in the entire state.  Okhissa is a reservoir in Homochitto National Forest with a fish habitat that was engineered specifically for the purpose of high quality fishing. ...

Key West


Key West is the southern most island in the Florida Keys and is a hotspot among anglers across the entire globe. This tropical area is renowned for its sunshine, warm salt breezes and exciting opportunities for fishing adventures.

Venice, Louisiana


Venice, Louisiana very well may be the last true fisherman’s paradise.   Located in a fairly rural area of southern Louisiana, Venice is known for its excellent opportunities for both inshore and offshore fishing.  Venice includes the west bank of the Mississippi River and is located in close proximity...

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