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Lake Gaston


Lake Gaston, North Carolina

Located in a calm and quiet area of the southern United States, Lake Gaston is a premier freshwater fishing spot.  This body of water straddles the North Carolina and Virginia border and is conveniently located near interstate-95.  On the North Carolina side, Lake Gaston occupies parts of the counties Halifax, Northampton, and Warren.  It is located in Brunswick and Mecklenburg on the Virginia side.  Lake Gaston is compounded by the Gaston Dam on the Roanoke River. As a large and healthy lake, there are plenty of opportunities for anglers to target a variety of game fish.



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Crappie, LM Bass, Stripe Bass, Walleye


The fishing opportunities of Lake Gaston are vast.  The most notable fish species of the lake include blue catfish, striped bass, largemouth bass, channel catfish, and bluegil. 

As with most bodies of water with catfish, most varieties of catfish reside in deep areas.  Both the blue and channel catfish can be found in the deep locations of the lake, so a depth finder can be used to located several good fishing spots.  One of the best locations is a fishing hole near the Kerr Lake and Gaston Dam.  Once in this area, anglers should use the regular setup for catfish; a medium to heavy rod equipped with bottom rigs and a line of at least 15 pound test is ideal.  Since the catfish will take almost any bait, a large variety can be used.  Fishermen will find that using stink baits, squid, chicken livers, and other baits that emit a strong odor are effective. 

Anglers who target largemouth bass can expect a great experience.  Gaston largemouth bass are frequently captured at about 15 inches and can be regularly caught between the months of March through November.  Fishermen should focus on Pea Hill Creek and Lizard Creek on the northern part of Lake Gaston.  Once in these locations, anglers should cast near gaps in weed beds and dropoffs.  A variety of crankbaits and buzzbaits are usually good options. 

Also in these creeks, crappie & bluegill can be caught across Lake Gaston in shallow areas with vegetation or submerged timber.  These panfish can be caught using lightweight tackle such as small lures and simple bobber set-ups.  Good baits include crickets, nightcrawlers, and artificial worms.


Lake Gaston has a decent selection of facilities and accommodations that make visits enjoyable for all visitors.  These include boat ramps, piers, lodging, cleaning stations, fueling stations, and restrooms.

The Lake

Lake Gaston is large with a maximum length of 34 miles and a maximum width of 1.3 miles.  On average, Lake Gaston is 40 feet deep.  It is 95 feet at its deepest location.  Lake Gaston has an area of 32 square miles.  The shore measures out to 350 miles.

Anglers of all skills and experiences should be sure to travel to Lake Gaston if they are in search of an excellent fishing adventure. 


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